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There’s just something about watching someone experience the Cloud Collection for the first time.

When we were at our last photoshoot with Chris Pratt, one of the first products we shot with him was our Cloud Collection. As you may be aware, the Cloud Collection is something we’ve worked really hard on over the years and we were excited to hear what Chris thought of the new line-up.

Hilariously, during filming, Chris kept getting distracted by the softness of the collection. Honestly, we’re pretty glad we had a camera rolling to get his reaction because it was *chef’s kiss*. You know that feeling you get when you give someone the perfect gift and you can tell they’re stoked? Yeah, it was kind of like that. We loved his reactions so much, we decided they made a better commercial than our original script.

Okay, okay, we may be pulling your leg just a little bit. Obviously, the original script was written this way from the get-go. As a true professional, Chris Pratt would never interrupt filming like this, even for something as good as our Cloud Collection.

But don’t just take Chris’ word for it, you’ve got to check this Collection out for yourself. Shop the Cloud Collection here.